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Literacy Volunteers of Berkshire County (LVBC) is proud to announce the appointment of Denise Roszkowski as its new Executive Director. As a second generation American, she understands the language struggles faced by New Americans. Denise brings a wealth of business management and governance experiences. As a lifelong learner, she returned to school after retiring and earned a Master’s in Nonprofit Management & Philanthropy. She has since worked as a volunteer and a consultant to support the development and governance of a variety of nonprofit organizations throughout Massachusetts. She has a passion for literacy and a commitment to helping adults improve their reading, writing, and speaking skills.
Denise will be leading the organization in its mission to ensure that everyone in Berkshire County has the opportunity to reach their literacy goals. As one of 12 affiliates of Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts (LVM), LVBC will continue to provide ESOL and Adult Basic Literacy programs and services to the community and continue to support LVBC’s innovative approach to literacy education.
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