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Spring forward...

Join us in making a monumental difference at the upcoming Links for Literacy golf tournament, benefiting Literacy Volunteers of Berkshire County. As a Hole Sponsor, you're not just supporting a game of golf; you're driving positive change in our community.


Imagine the impact of your name proudly displayed at a hole, symbolizing your commitment to literacy enhancement. Your sponsorship will directly empower individuals to overcome barriers through education, promoting lifelong learning and self-improvement.

This is more than a sponsorship; it's an investment in brighter futures. Help us turn fairways into pathways for knowledge, one swing at a time. Secure your place as a champion for literacy today!

Limited opportunities are available. Contact us now to ensure your brand is prominently recognized at this vital event. Together, we'll drive literacy forward and inspire lasting transformations. 📚🌟 #LinksForLiteracyGolf

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